Code, Learn, Grow: My Internship Story at Futuresmart AI

Code, Learn, Grow: My Internship Story at Futuresmart AI


Pursuing my graduation from a tier-3 college, I was eagerly looking for the perfect start to enhance my theoretical knowledge with practical experience. My quest for internships led me to an invaluable opportunity to speak with the Founder and CEO of Futuresmart AI.

After an insightful discussion, I was asked to complete an assignment. I worked diligently to submit it in the most efficient and timely manner possible. Impressed by the company's vision and inspired by the CEO’s YouTube videos, I realized that this was a remarkable opportunity. I was excited about the prospect of starting my professional journey under the guidance of Futuresmart AI.

Software Proficiencies

Prior to joining Futuresmart AI, my technical experience primarily revolved around academic projects, where I explored a variety of technologies. However, the transition to working on cutting-edge projects at Futuresmart AI presented a new set of challenges and opportunities.

During my academic journey, I hadn't had the chance to delve into cloud computing or SQL databases. However, upon joining Futuresmart AI, I swiftly adapted to new technologies and concepts. My primary focus revolved around Langchain, where I honed skills in generating prompts and establishing connections with databases. Additionally, I gained hands-on experience with AWS, Linux, GIT, and APIs, further enriching my technical skill set.

Despite the initial learning curve, I embraced the challenge with enthusiasm, leveraging resources and mentorship available at Futuresmart AI to accelerate my learning. This immersive experience not only broadened my technical proficiency but also fostered soft skills such as effective teamwork and leadership.

As I reflect on my journey, I am grateful for the opportunity to expand my technical horizon and contribute to cutting-edge projects at Futuresmart AI.

Projects Worked On

At Futuresmart AI, I primarily focused on projects involving natural language to SQL chatbots. In these projects, users input their queries in natural language, which are then processed by GPT to generate corresponding SQL queries. The system executes these queries and provides rephrased responses based on the user's input. Throughout this process, I encountered challenges such as chain checking and providing prompts. Additionally, I utilized Langsmith to trace errors in the chain, finding it to be an invaluable tool in addressing these challenges.

Furthermore, I contributed to the development of conversational tools, such as a LinkedIn similarity check messages feature. This tool allows users to upload their LinkedIn messages in CSV format. Upon uploading, the data is stored in a ChromaDB, and the tool enables retrieval of similar messages based on user queries.

I have also integrated this feature with several applications, including an email bot that generates emails for any recipient. Additionally, I developed a personal bot capable of executing various tasks based on user queries. These tasks include LinkedIn similarity checks and Wikipedia searches, providing users with a seamless and versatile experience.

The most challenging and enjoyable aspect of this experience was learning to create APIs for every functionality.

Additionally, I gained proficiency in extracting information from LinkedIn profiles using ProxyCurl, a tool designed for retrieving data from LinkedIn.

The most challenging aspect I encountered during this internship was the necessity to adhere to a unified code structure. Ensuring that every developer could seamlessly adapt to this structure proved to be a formidable task, requiring concerted effort and attention to detail from all team members.

Professional Development Beyond Technical Skills

During my internship, I encountered various tools and mediums of communication such as Notion and Google Chat, which were essential for effective collaboration. Through this experience, I not only learned to proficiently utilize these platforms but also gained insights into appropriate behavior in meetings and effective communication practices. Recognizing the significance of video communication in meetings, I embraced its usage for clearer and more engaging discussions.

Moreover, I adopted the habit of maintaining a meticulous work log to monitor my progress consistently. This involved creating and organizing task pages on Notion, ensuring that my workflow remained organized and efficient.

Each day of my internship presented a valuable learning opportunity, reinforcing the importance of continual growth and adaptation in the professional sphere.


Reflecting on my internship journey at Futuresmart AI, I am struck by the profound transformation I've undergone. From the initial thrill of joining a forward-thinking company to the myriad challenges and invaluable lessons learned along the way, each experience has been instrumental in shaping me into a more adept and capable professional.

Delving into cutting-edge technologies like natural language to SQL chatbots and conversational tools, I not only expanded my technical repertoire but also honed my problem-solving acumen. The opportunity to integrate functionalities with diverse applications and craft APIs for various purposes significantly enhanced my understanding of software development.

Moreover, my time at Futuresmart AI underscored the paramount importance of soft skills in navigating the corporate landscape. From effective communication and seamless collaboration to meticulous workflow management and adherence to coding standards, I gleaned invaluable insights that will undoubtedly serve as guiding principles in my future endeavors.

I am profoundly grateful for the unwavering support and mentorship provided by Futuresmart AI, whose belief in my potential propelled me to overcome obstacles and thrive in my role. Futuresmart AI has truly been an exceptional incubator of learning and growth, fostering an environment where I could flourish both personally and professionally.

As I bid farewell to this chapter of my journey and embark on the next phase of my career, I carry with me not only the technical prowess and skills acquired but also a treasure trove of experiences and insights gleaned during my tenure at Futuresmart AI. I am eager and enthusiastic to apply these learnings as I continue to navigate and contribute to the dynamic landscape of technology.