From Classroom to Coding: My Internship Journey at Futuresmart AI

From Classroom to Coding: My Internship Journey at Futuresmart AI


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Stepping out of the academic world of a Bachelor's in Computer Science Engineering in 2023, I began the tough task of looking for a job. While improving my skills in Python and MySQL, the process felt overwhelming until a significant moment happened. That day became unforgettable when Pradip Nichite sir kindly offered me a full-time position as an SDE Intern at Futuresmart AI on Oct 10 2023. This offer was not just a job opportunity, it was a gateway to a new beginning.

Diving Into the Tech Stack

After the formalities of joining Futuresmart AI as an SDE Intern, my initial step was to familiarize myself with the diverse tech stack our projects relied upon. Through a series of comprehensive video demos, I delved into technologies including FastAPI, Streamlit, OpenAI, Langchain, Chromadb, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Llamaindex. Each tool offered unique capabilities, and mastering them was crucial to harnessing the full potential of our projects.

My First Project: The Odoo Chatbot

My first major assignment involved developing a Streamlit chatbot for Odoo, an open-source business management platform. Utilizing Python, I crafted a solution that integrated seamlessly with Odoo’s sales and helpdesk modules. This chatbot was designed to enhance the user experience by allowing natural language interactions, thereby streamlining communication processes within the platform.

Following the successful deployment of the Odoo chatbot, I expanded my scope to include APIs from Freshworks products such as Freshsales, Freshchat, and Freshdesk. My exploration into these services was not only about understanding their functionalities but also about leveraging them to optimize our customer support system.

Capitalizing on this integration, I authored several blog posts on the FutureSmart AI Blog, detailing the processes and benefits of integrating ChatGPT with Odoo helpdesk, Freshchat, and Freshdesk. These posts aimed to demonstrate how automation and AI could transform customer support, offering real-time solutions and enhancing overall efficiency.

Exploring New Technologies

After I demonstrated my capability with the initial tech stack, Pradip Nichite Sir trusted me and gave me a greater opportunity. I was tasked with a pivotal role as a backend developer for our innovative platform

Utilizing the FastAPI framework, I developed multiple APIs that formed the backbone of the AIDemos website. Integrating Chromadb, a vector database, allowed us to offer a unique feature: finding ai tools similar to those a user is interested in, based on vector similarity.

I also authored a detailed blog post on how to use Chromadb to find similar products, enhancing our customer's understanding and engagement with our technology.

Further enhancing our project's accessibility, I designed a Streamlit application that provided functionalities for adding, updating, and searching tools within our database. This not only showcased our commitment to user-centric design but also demonstrated the versatility of Streamlit in building interactive web applications. The deployment of our applications on AWS EC2 ensured that our team could test and interact with the platform globally.

After completing the AIDemos website, we didn't stop there. We are now upgrading it to AIDemos Live, allowing users to access live recognition features such as Text to speech, Speech to Text, Sentiment Analysis, OCR, Similarity Checker etc.. for multiple supporters I recently worked on creating APIs for Text to Speech and the Similarity Checker.

Enhancing Soft Skills

The technical skills I developed were very valuable, but improving my soft skills was just as important. Being able to communicate well was crucial when working closely with my team and other people involved, especially when I had to explain complicated technical things. Managing several tasks at once taught me to handle my time efficiently, making sure we hit our project goals without sacrificing quality. Working together with my team was essential, and I learned a lot from the different perspectives my coworkers brought. Each technical challenge made my problem-solving skills better, helping me think strategically and come up with new solutions effectively.

Video demos helped me learn TechStacks.

  1. Beginners Guide to FastAPI

  1. Deploying FastAPI on AWS EC2

3. Semantic search with open source ChromaDB(VectorDB)


Reflecting on my internship at Futuresmart AI, it is evident that the experience was very impactful and helped me to develop important technical and soft skills necessary for a successful career in software development. The opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies and meaningful projects has not only boosted my confidence but also my aspirations for the future. For those embarking on similar journeys, my advice is to embrace every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow.

I wholeheartedly wish for Futuresmart AI to flourish and become one of the most successful companies in the tech industry, leading innovation and setting new benchmarks for excellence. Special mention to Pradip Nichite sir for giving me this great opportunity and guiding me throughout my internship. 🙏

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