Top 10 Spaces on Hugging Face You Don't Want to Miss

Top 10 Spaces on Hugging Face You Don't Want to Miss

Hugging Face is an AI(Artificial Intelligence) community specializing in NLP(Natural Language Processing) and Computer Vision. Hugging Face is a leader in the field of NLP.

Hugging Face offers a collection of pre-trained language models that can be used for various NLP tasks such as text classification, named entity recognition, machine translation, and question-answering.

Moreover, the platform also provides tools for fine-tuning the models on specific tasks and deploying models in a production environment. Well, understanding the offerings and capabilities of Hugging Face can benefit individuals and organizations working in the field of NLP.

Hugging Face Spaces

Hugging Face Spaces is a cloud-based collaboration platform that provides an easy way to host and showcase Machine Learning(ML) demo applications on your personal or organizational profile.

It provides a great way to create a portfolio of your ML projects, showcase your work at conferences, and collaborate with others in the ML community.

Moreover, the platform provides a secure and centralized environment for storing and sharing data, models, code, and results, making it easy to work together and keep track of progress.

Hugging Face offers multiple Hugging Face Spaces with their respective functions. However, there are some Hugging Face Spaces you don't want to miss at any cost. Keep reading to explore.

1. Pharma-CLIP Interrogator

Multiple AI tools allow you to experiment with creativity with a specific character string called a "prompt." But what a good prompt might be? Have you ever wondered? Get your answers with Pharma-CLIP Interrogator.

CLIP Interrogator allows you to submit any image and generates a prompt that can be used to create an image similar to the existing one. How interesting is that?

Moreover, the CLIP interrogator understands the image and explains how to structure your prompt. It can also be used to re-create the images. However, using it to build your knowledge and understanding of what a descriptive prompt can be to bring the vision to reality is better.

CLIP has also been used with different models to check and provide feedback to AI if the image generated matches the prompt. However, some words or sentences might not make sense in the prompt, but you are good to go!

Here's a demo of the Pharma-CLIP Interrogator.⬇

2. MagicPrompt-Stable-Diffusion

In "Stable Diffusion," if you want to create an image, a "prompt" is required. The prompt does not have to be in sentence form and can be entered in a custom format and arrangement by the user.

MagicPrompt Stable Diffusion is a tool that simplifies generating multiple prompts and spells in a single go. With this version, you can effortlessly produce a variety of prompts and spells by simply providing the desired content that you wish to incorporate into the AI-powered image generator called "Stable Diffusion."

Therefore, MagicPrompt-Stable-Diffusion is a Stable Diffusion Prompt Generator tool that allows you to create prompts quickly and efficiently. If you are a writer, artist, or anyone looking to ignite the imagination, MagicPrompt-Stable-Diffusion is a valuable resource.

Kindly look at the demo of MagicPrompt-Stable-Diffusion.⬇


Photo restoration can be a relatively long and challenging process, isn't it? Especially when the photo is complex, and the poses and expressions are varied.

Fortunately, we have GFPGAN, which restores our old photos and improves AI-generated faces. GFPGAN aims to develop a Real-World Blind Face Restoration with Generative Facial Prior(GFP).

GFPGAN is a versatile tool for restoring old photos, as it is equipped to deal with various degradation issues.

Are you worried about your blurry images? Are you seeking to restore any old photos? Why don't you try GFPGAN? It enhances your images with realistic and accurate details, even when limited information is available.

Here's a short demo of GFPGAN for you to watch.⬇


Yet another amazing Hugging Face Space is BLIP (Bootstrapping Language-Image Pre-training), a new pre-training framework from Salesforce AI Research.

Vision and language are two basic ways humans perceive the world. Thus, BLIP is for unified Vision-Language understanding and generation. It can perform various multi-modal tasks, including.

  • Visual Question Answering

  • Image-Text retrieval (Image-text matching)

  • Image Captioning

Have you ever wondered about the caption of the image, or have you ever wondered what the particular image is trying to say? If yes, you've got to explore BLIP.

Let's see a short demo of BLIP below.⬇

5. Karlo

Karlo is a text-conditional image generation model that uses OpenAI's unCLIP architecture. Karlo is an exciting advancement in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Have you ever been there where you imagined something extraordinary, and it only remained in your imagination? Well, no worries. Karlo allows you to bring your imagination to life.

Karlo efficiently generates high-quality images based on text input, improving image generation capabilities. Although Karlo only has image generation as its lone feature, it is a great free alternative to Dall-E 2.

Create amazing art with Karlo. Here's a short demo of it.⬇

6. CodeFormer

CodeFormer is a full face restoration and enhancement algorithm for old photos and AI-generated faces. Simply, it is a tool designed for restoring low-quality images of faces.

Moreover, Codeformer can help discover more natural-looking faces that closely resemble the target faces, even when the input images are severely degraded.

CodeFormer is also an improved stable-diffusion generation. One can use Stable Diffusion to generate an image and then utilize CodeFormer to enhance the quality of the face in that image.

Rejuvenate your old photographs and give your AI-generated faces a fresh look with CodeFormer.

Here's a demo of CodeFormer. Have a look.⬇

7. AnimeGANv2

Transforming photos of real-world scenes into anime-style images is not an easy task, but an amazing task. Wouldn't it be great to make your own anime?

AnimeGANv2 Face Portrait allows you to create unique anime-style portraits in whichever version you like. AnimeGANv2 is a machine learning model that uses Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) technology to transform ordinary pictures into anime-style cartoon characters.

Use high-quality and cropped portrait images for the best outcome. Go ahead! Anime yourself with AI.

Here's a short demo of AnimeGANv2.⬇

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8. ArcaneGAN

Don't you think Arcane animation style is unique and stunning? How about creating your own Arcane version?

The ArcaneGAN software allows you to harness the potential of AI-generated art by converting your portraits into beautiful and distinct arcane-style images with minimal effort.

All you have to do is upload your portrait, choose your preferred version of the transformed image, and click the submit button to see the incredible results. With ArcaneGAN, you can discover the endless possibilities of AI-generated art and the unique style of Arcane.

Let's see the youtube video for a short demo of ArcaneGAN.⬇

9. CVPR/ml-talking-face

CVPR/ml-talking-face is a system that can create a video of a talking face based on text input. You can provide text in four languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean.

Moreover, you can also choose the language for the output speech. If the input text and output language differ, the input text will be translated using Google Translate API.

Even the lip synchronization is entirely accurate. It is an excellent advancement in AI. Check it out. Experiment with the languages for any desired text input.

Here's a short demo for CVPR/ml-talking-face.⬇

10. Finetuned Diffusion

Finetuned Diffusion exhibits various Stable Diffusion models that have been fine-tuned to have different styles, such as Arcane, Archer, Elden Ring, Spider-Verse, Modern Disney, Balloon Art, and others.

Here, the models can create distinct and visually appealing images that represent their respective styles.

Explore Finetuned Diffusion with this demo video.⬇

These are some amazing Hugging Face Spaces you have to explore. Experiment with your ideas and bring your imaginations to reality.

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