FutureSmart AI: Building Custom NLP Solutions with Advanced Tech Stack

FutureSmart AI: Building Custom NLP Solutions with Advanced Tech Stack


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At FutureSmart AI, we take pride in developing advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions tailored to our client's needs. Utilizing a diverse array of cutting-edge technologies, we deliver top-tier AI applications. This blog post offers a comprehensive overview of our technology stack and its usage, highlighting the customized applications we've built and the industries we've transformed.

Our Technology Stack

Our robust and dynamic technology stack is meticulously selected to tackle complex AI and NLP challenges efficiently. Here is an insight into the key technologies we use and how we leverage them:


Python forms the foundation of our development process. Known for its simplicity, versatility, and robust support for machine learning and data analysis libraries, Python enables us to develop a wide range of complex AI projects in a relatively short timeframe.

Hugging Face Transformers and Sentence Transformers

We leverage Hugging Face Transformers and Sentence Transformers libraries to work with pre-trained NLP models and create meaningful sentence embeddings, respectively. These tools empower us to develop solutions for tasks like text classification, named entity recognition, and semantic search, providing our applications with a deep understanding of language and context.

OpenAI Models

OpenAI's GPT-3, GPT-4, and ChatGPT form the cornerstone of our custom NLP applications. From generating human-like text for content creation applications to providing the intelligence backbone of our sophisticated conversational AI solutions, these models play a pivotal role in our AI development journey.

Cloud Services - AWS

We deploy our NLP applications on AWS cloud services. Using tools like EC2 instances, we ensure that our solutions are highly scalable, reliable, and readily available for integration into various systems. AWS allows us to securely host our applications and expose them as APIs for seamless third-party integration.

FastAPI and Streamlit

FastAPI and Streamlit are our chosen frameworks for creating APIs and quick proof-of-concept web applications, respectively. FastAPI helps us build high-performance APIs that serve our NLP models, while Streamlit offers a fast and intuitive way to create interactive front-end interfaces for our machine-learning models.


For more sophisticated applications that require custom UIs, user management features, or custom domains, we turn to Anvil. With its intuitive interface and extensive Python support, Anvil allows us to develop complex web applications without the need for extensive web development experience.

Vector Databases - Pinecone and Chroma DB

We utilize vector databases such as Pinecone and Chroma DB to build high-performance semantic search applications. By transforming text into vector embeddings and storing them in these databases, we can create systems that understand the underlying meaning of user queries, returning more relevant and accurate results.


LangChain is a cutting-edge framework we employ to streamline the creation of applications using large language models. With its support for model integration, data augmentation, and sequences of calls to different utilities, LangChain enhances our ability to build sophisticated NLP applications. It's particularly useful when building chatbots that answer queries using information from specific documents and databases.

Llama Index

To maximize the potential of large language models, we use LlamaIndex, a data framework that helps augment these models with our private data. This approach enables us to build more personalized and accurate AI applications, making our AI tools highly adaptable to specific use cases.


At FutureSmart AI, we utilize SQL, MySQL, and AWS RDS to handle our relational database needs. MySQL is our go-to for storing and managing data, while AWS RDS ensures easy scalability and accessibility of our databases in the cloud. We primarily use these technologies for storing AI model predictions and API logs, enabling efficient performance tracking and continuous service improvement.

Customized Use Cases and Applications

With our diverse tech stack, we have successfully delivered numerous AI applications across various sectors. Here are some of the customized use cases we've developed:

  • Intent Detection for Clinic Appointment Systems: We've developed an AI system for healthcare providers that accurately interprets and categorizes patient requests, streamlining the appointment booking process.

  • Automated Customer Support for E-commerce Sites: Our AI-powered chatbots handle a range of queries on e-commerce platforms, providing quick and efficient customer support.

  • Chatbot Answering Questions from Website Pages: We've built specialized chatbots that extract information directly from website pages, offering users precise answers without extensive site navigation.

  • Automated Medical and Insurance Billing: Our AI solutions accurately generate medical and insurance bills, reducing manual errors and saving significant administrative time.

  • Named Entity Extraction for Specific Business Use Cases: We've built systems that accurately identify and categorize named entities within text, aiding tasks like customer profiling and market research.

  • Summarizing Large Documents: We use advanced language models to summarize large documents, allowing users to digest crucial information quickly.

  • ChatGPT Answering from Private Docs and Proprietary Data: By augmenting large language models with private data using LlamaIndex, our chatbots provide highly relevant and accurate responses based on a company's unique information.

  • OCR and Entity Extraction: We extract and categorize information from scanned documents or images, automating data entry tasks.

  • Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis: Our AI tools perform a nuanced sentiment analysis, identifying specific aspects discussed in the feedback, providing businesses with a deeper understanding of their customer's sentiments.

  • Resume Processing and Tailored Resume Generation: We've developed an AI solution that not only processes resumes to extract relevant information but also generates tailored resumes based on specific job descriptions.

Harnessing the power of Python, NLP libraries, OpenAI models, cloud services, and other advanced technologies, FutureSmart AI is continually pushing the boundaries of what's possible in AI application development.

Join the FutureSmart AI Team

At FutureSmart AI, we're continually exploring the boundaries of AI and Machine Learning, especially in areas like NLP and generative AI. Whether you're a student looking for an enriching internship or a seasoned professional keen on collaboration, we invite you to join us.

Please note that when reaching out, a concise, relevant, and contextual message regarding your interest and experiences in NLP and generative AI would be much appreciated. To keep conversations focused and efficient, we kindly ask you to avoid sending long messages or detailed resumes.

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