How I Earned Over $30K in 8 Months as a Data Science Freelancer

Getting your first freelancing job

How I Earned Over $30K in 8 Months as a Data Science Freelancer

Eight months ago, I took the plunge and quit my job to become self-employed. It was a scary decision, but I'm glad I made it. Today, I've earned more than $30,000 on Upwork and successfully delivered many projects. If you're considering becoming a freelancer, here's how I did it.

Applying for small jobs

I started by applying for small jobs that paid between $50 and $100. It is easy to get a small job as a beginner since established freelancers won't be interested in such jobs.

Look for jobs where client needs urgent help

I looked for a job where the client needed urgent help; they would not wait for an expert freelancer.

Writing Job Proposal

In the job proposal, I explained how this job is related to the jobs I have done in the past. It will make the client confident about giving us a job.

Willing to jump on a call

I also mentioned that I was available for a call so we could discuss the client's needs in more detail. This approach worked well for me—I landed my first job within seven days of starting!

First Job highlited.png

I saw a job posting (posted less than 10 minutes ago!) for a data science project that had a budget of $100. The client needed urgent help and explained the issue in the job posting. I replied immediately, explaining how my skills were relevant to what the client was looking for. Within minutes, I had landed the gig!

first job feedback.png

Once I had a few projects under my belt, I began applying for bigger, better-paying gigs.

I have shared my thoughts in more detail in this video

If you're considering becoming a freelancer, don't let fear hold you back! There are plenty of opportunities out there for talented individuals who are willing to put in the work. Follow the tips above, and you'll be on your way to earning a great living as a freelancer in no time.